Resources for Sunday Worship

These resources are for those leading Intercessions.

Resources for those Leading Intercessions

The first thing to check is which service book is being used in church on a particular Sunday. Some of these already have a set of intercessions printed in them, or a response that can be used. The rubric usually says "may" be used: you do not have to use them, but they may be appropriate to the day.

If we are using a seasonal service book, feel free to use "Times and Season" at (1) below.

If we are using the Festivals service book, feel free to use "Festivals" at (1) below.

If we are using one of the Ordinary Time service books, feel free to use resource (2) below.

1 Liturgical Resources are available for the Christian Year especially for use during seasons ("Times and Seasons") and Festivals. Within each section, you can find appropriate intercessions for the different days and seasons.

2 Supplementary Texts also has more generic intercessions suitable for a range of occasions, especially in Ordinary Time.

Books are also available from the Vestry and from the Prayer Desk behind the pulpit.


Please feel free to take a service book home with you, for use next year (or afterwards) when you find yourself leading intercessions.

If you are using a different response for intercessions than the one found in the Service Book, please feel free to email me, and I'll include it on the pew sheet.

Don't forget to "establish" the response to the intercessions so it's clear in every body's mind. e.g. something like. 'In today's prayers, when I say, "Lord, be our light" we all say, "and our salvation" ' and then use it straight away, so that everyone has said it at the beginning.