Agenda for PCC Meeting
7:00 pm Thursday 2 May 2024

Welcome and Prayers



Minutes of the Last Meeting

Correct record?

Matters Arising,

to include To Do List and Quinquennial Tasks


Vicar's Update

  • Feedback on using the high altar

Taking Parish Magazines to Archives

Is the PCC happy to take the Parish Magazines in the Vicar's Vestry to Manchester Central Library?


We note the appointment of a new cleaner.

Parish Officers

VicarRev. Nick Andrewes
WardenGraham Lees
TreasurerJanet Campbell
Gift Aid SecretaryJanet Campbell
Mission SecretaryMichael Albrow
Electoral Roll OfficerMichael Albrow
Minutes SecretaryKathy Lees
Safeguarding OfficerMercy Ekhoesuehi
Children's Society Rep.Mercy Ekhoesuehi

Young People in Church

  • It would be good to have a conversation with our young people about what they'd like to do in church. (Serving, Leading, Reading, Interceding, etc)
  • Laura Tebay is setting up a transition group (Primary -> Secondary School) consultation on Friday 10 May.

Offertory (Zahra)

How can we save the embarrassment of the asylum seekers who have no money, while at the same acknowledging what they give to the church?

Sunday Mornings

  • Simplification it would be good to simplify setting things up on a Sunday morning by reducing moving parts (e.g. Wall mounting the TV)
  • Organisation Is it time to set up a Deputy Warden's Rota?



Use of Church


Current Groups ReceiptsNotes
Xanadu Dance Troupe£3,500
HAF Holiday Club(come to an end)
English Classes£800
Brethren in Christ Church£2,500
South Asian Women's Network£2,000
Martial Arts£1,000
Private social activities£(this is not something we are considering any more)


Mission Community

Health and Safety

  • Accident Book


We need to set/note the following dates:

  • Date of next meeting.

Any Other Business

Future Agenda Items

  • Eco Church (next steps)
  • Church Porch
  • What to do about trees in the grounds (a) felling the hawthorns; (b) replacing the hawthorns (bush or tree or both?)